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Welcome to the web site of Schloer and Associates.  We are currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION following transfer to our new server.  Following is a brief overview of what we offer:
  • We are a web design firm committed to SERVICE to our clients. 
  • We specialize in cost effective web sites for Non-Profit organizations and businesses. 
  • We can provide web site hosting and for non-profit organizastions, we offer FREE hosting as long as we are maintaining your web site
  • Do you need a Domain name?  We can help you with that as well and if you already have a domain name, we can facilitate the transfer to our management.
  • Do you need a PowerPoint presentation developed?  Do you want that presentation on your web site?  We can do that for you as well and we can convert it to FLASH for you to be used on your web site.
  • Do you have need for an Online Learning site?  We have developed many of these sites for our Rotary Clients. 
  • Do you need an electronic newsletter delivered to your customers on a regular basis?   We've been doing that for more than 15 years 

If you want the "personal touch", please contact us at  and tell us how we can serve you.

Following are just a few of our clients: